Sea Change Within Us


Sea Change Within Us

A movement through our water concerns and climate change consequences.

Artistic Direction and Choreography by Karin Stevens

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With Installation by Roger Feldman

Music by Kaley Lane Eaton and Jessi Harvey

Base: Experimental Arts + Space
Friday May 10

Saturday May 11

Sunday May 12

A Base Independent Production

Performance Photos by Michelle Smith-Lewis


The Dancers of Sea Change Within Us

1,001 Water & Climate Change Seattle Interviews with Devi Lockwood

Composers Kaley Lane Eaton & Jessi Harvey

Collaborator Roger Feldman

Collaborator Gerald M. Erickson

Costume and Lighting Sarah E. Mosher & Sara Torres

“I am really happy that I get to interact with people who are not writing for other scholars, but with people who are using different ways of communicating rather than peer reviewed journal articles; who are willing to listen; who are willing to use that information to convey it to people in a way that is not going to put those ideological blinders on and stop the conversation. Thank you for using art. Thank you for narratives for getting the message out. The more ways we use to get the message out the more likely we’ll have an impact…thank you for giving me the opportunity.” -Nives Dolsak, Seattle Interviewee for 1,001 Stories

KSD celebrates ten years as an artist driven organization committed to movement art that matters to our humanity with imaginative new works, multi-disciplinary collaborations and advocacy for local new music.

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It is vital that dance is a resource for (re)imagining and (re)creating life-affirming relationships with water in us and around us; even when we must move through the concerns and consequences related to our water bodies of rain, cloud, river, urban creek, ocean, ice, glacier and the suffering in us and around us. Can a work of movement art re-narrate the story of the human-as-separate and begin new rhythms back toward interconnected structures of well-being and becoming?


Sea Change Within Us

On May 10th - 12th and June 15 2019, as part of KSD’s ongoing work in water concerns and climate change consequences, we premiered a new work at Base: Experimental Arts + Space as a Base Independent Production. This 60 minute dance, with the audience seated on four sides, featured 10 dancers moving 2-D planes into a dynamic 3-D installation by Roger Feldman, an original sound score by Seattle Composers Jessi Harvey and Kaley Lane Eaton, costumes by Sarah Mosher, and lighting design by Sara Torres.

It’s about reconnecting our sense of self and soul with our waterways and oceans.
— Celine Cousteau, granddaughter of Jacques Cousteau

Water & Climate Change

The sound score includes electronic and acoustic recordings: an original score with string quartet by Harvey; electronics and sounds from Eaton’s great-great-great-grandparent’s piano that traveled by raft up the Missouri River woven with the voices of interviewees from our collaboration with Devi Lockwood’s 1,001 Stories on Water and Climate Change. Visit the interactive map of 1,001 Stories on Water and Climate Change, including our Seattle interviews, HERE.

 It isn't enough to make art about these problems; we must develop practices of being moved from the problems toward new collective movements for the good of all.  Maybe these newly cultivated movements in the form of a work of art offer us an anchor in the deluge of data and predictions that allow us full-body repose with the information; offering an alternative to a retreat into disembodied distractions in our screens.  Maybe the art and practice of movement offers us an opportunity to see the possibilities for sensing a radical inner shift —dare it be joy?— found in the movements between the poles of fear and action; between grief and beauty; between reality and imagination; between matter and spirit.

Learn more about global water and climate change issues at our Resources Page.

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The beginning of KSD’s ongoing work in water and climate change concerns #seachangewithinus

National Water Dance – April 14, 2018
National Water Dance is an opportunity for dancers of all ages and movers of all kinds to experience the power of art and performance as a vehicle for social change by collaborating on the formation of a nation wide movement choir. The goal is to initiate a national “water ethic” that can inform and inspire both participants and audience members to take responsibility for conserving and protecting the water that they use and enjoy. Thank you to Artist Trust for granting KSD a 2017 GAP Award!

Karin Stevens has become an Ambassador with NWD for 2020!

On April 14th, 2018 we created a movement choir along the Carkeek Park creek trail with culminating performances at the beach. This Seattle urban waterway flows into the Puget Sound, also known as the Salish Sea. Salmon return every fall to spawn in this creek. To prepare for this event we learned and shared information about how to protect our urban creeks from pollution due to run-off from cars, pets and lawn care; and about the health and clean up efforts to restore and protect the Puget Sound ecosystem. Through our movements we image a SEA CHANGE WITHIN US for OUR WATERBODY! May we all get moving to overcome the past and to create a renewed interconnected story of greater water and body health and harmony for all humanity and the more-than-human beings.

KSD did an open call for volunteer movers to participate in the event. We were joined by Seattle movers of all ages from Splinter Dance, Kaleidoscope Dance Company, UW Dance, Cornish Prep Dance, Exit Space, and Yi Ren Qigong, to name a few.

This was a live-stream event that simultaneously took place in locations all over the USA!

Karin Stevens Dance