Karin Stevens Dance

Our Mission

Seattle-based Karin Stevens Dance (KSD) captures the breadth of the moving human experience through the creation of imaginative performance works. Collaborating with music, theater, and visual artists, KSD investigates the complex layers of our cultural spaces, time, and relationship to nature. Striving to make beauty out of chaos, KSD celebrates the power of movement to help us connect more deeply to ourselves, each other, and the environments that we move through, from, and within.


Our Vision

KSD aims to be a national leader and fixture in the Seattle arts community, creating world-class dance that transfigures the relevant issues, pains, and environmental depravity of our time. KSD envisions a city where there is space for the creation of new dance and immersive audience experiences that dismantle complacent positions of privilege and power, open up new channels of engagement, and allow us to make new movements.


Through performance works and community events, KSD creates space for building connections. As a radical and vital art, dance can act as a key to our future sustainability. We commune, collaborate and converse through dance to remember that to be fully human we must move and create.

Founded in 2009 by Karin Stevens, KSD has performed locally at Velocity Dance Center, Fremont Abbey, Burien Performing Arts Center, Taproot Theatre Company’s Isaac Studio Theatre, and Edmonds Community College, and toured regionally to the O’Shaugnessy Center (MT) and Dennison Theatre (MT) among others.

As an advocate for live and original music, KSD has collaborated with award winning composers, Glacier Symphony and Chorale, String Orchestra of the Rockies, Northwest Symphony Orchestra, UW Chamber SIngers, Simple Measures, Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble, and the Sam Boshnack Quintet.

KSD has received support from Seattle Mayor’s Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, 4-Culture, Microsoft, Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG, Glenn H. Kawasaki Foundation, Case van Rij, The Plautz Family, The Dantzler Family, The Burgs, The Lanier Family, as well as individual donors and monthly sustainers, and through Velocity’s Creative Residency Program.


Our Beliefs

  • Dance is a radical and vital art.
  • The movements we make matter.
  • Movement:
    • is at the essence of all life;
    • connects us to the mystery, wonder, beauty, and joy in our complex existence;
    • provides humor, healing, and play that is vital to our well-being;
    • gives us a connection to ourselves, and a connectedness toward others;
    • is a returning of the mind to the body and a respite from a tethered life to our ever increasing disembodied technological world.
  • The power of transformation through movement can be experienced both in the practice, performance, and viewing of dance.
  • We are all dancers.
  • Karin Stevens Dance is more than a dance company; this is a way of life.