GWD 2019

Global Water Dances 2019

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Please join us for Global Water Dances 2019! We’re thrilled to be part of this international event, during which communities around the world will “dance for safe water everywhere.” As host of the Seattle Global Water Dances, KSD will present excerpts from our recent premiere Sea Change Within Us, also joined by Community Dancers who’ll take part in a movement choir moving through Lake Union Park.

Global Water Dances (GWD) performances at each site will highlight a local water issue and take place near a related body of water. Choreographers, dance groups, organizations, water activists and members of the community will gather to take action, to solve their immediate water problems. This worldwide event, linked throughout the day via broadcast and social media, will challenge countless observers, locally and online, to deepen their understanding about the importance of water in communities the world over.

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Karin Stevens Dance seeks dancers of all levels, ages, and interests to participate in
Global Water Dances 2019 on June 15 / 3PM at Lake Union Park.

Rehearsal will take place from 12-1PM day of the performance.

WHAT: Please learn the movement choir phrase and the short audience participation phrase HERE.

For more information about this ongoing work for water or to see our work with National Water Dance 2018, visit

To participate, please contact us at

We hope you will join us to dance for our water bodies!