Body of Knowledge

From ‘Divided by Zero’, by Seattle Butoh artist Sheri Brown

From ‘Divided by Zero’, by Seattle Butoh artist Sheri Brown

“We are not a head on top of a stack of books.” – Bill Brower, retired Princeton Speech Professor

Where might the mind come up against the indecision of knowing what is best for the self?  There is so much competing information far and wide that we can read in the search for balance and well-being in our body and body collective.

What food is good or bad?

To drug or not to drug?

When is pain, depression, a disease a messenger marking a journey toward rebirth?

An extreme of this onslaught of information and confusion can be summed up in the moment one opens the internet to read about a minor pain and suddenly fear grips in the face of grimmer possibilities!

Developing a body sensory awareness is of the utmost importance.

Where do we go from here in this 21st century with more information than imagination and more experts than mystics?

The breath is THE movement of beginning.

Practice the art of movement, and hand in hand with scientists we can understand the journey with observation and knowledge through legs and arms OR the other way around with arms and legs through observation and knowledge: arms and legs that move are the furthest reaches of our center knowing body-self.

Karin Stevens Dance